The Human Experience (THE) was born from a very real need.  For the past two years, we taught the same group of fourth and fifth graders at a neighborhood K-5 public charter school near downtown Orlando.  During this time, we became more than students and teachers-we became a family.

However, as the end of the school year drew closer, it became clear that our kids were afraid to move on to middle school.  In fact, many parents were even afraid to send them.  Why?  Our students were zoned for failing schools with widely known bad reputations.  

These weren't just any kids, these were OUR kids.  We knew their talents.  We knew their dreams.  We knew their potential.  And we knew we had to do something.

So we created a school: The Human Experience.  A private, extended day, extended year middle school in the heart of Orlando.

The Human Experience, however, is so much more than a school.  It a space where students can learn, create, and dream in a family context.  It is a vehicle by which we can explore the ways a school can impact a city, and not the other way around.  It is an exploration of the question, "What does it mean to be human?"  A question that, if studied nationwide, could change the way we do education forever.