What does it look like to teach, mentor, and maintain relationships with the same students for 9 straight years? 

From 4th grade all the way through to college?

The Human Experience mentoring program gives students the opportunity to maintain long-lasting relationships built on the foundation of family and trust.  We work to build and strengthen student support networks that will last a lifetime.


Long Term

2012 We started our family.

2014 We created a school together.

2016  We continue.  Together.

2017  We start high school together.

2020  We graduate high school together.

2020  We go to college together.

Group Pic.jpg


The Human Experience meets twice a month for regularly scheduled events and we attend special events together throughout the month.

Meetings are a time to catch up, stay connected, and talk about life in all its complexities.


Positive connections & Networking

Support networks are difference between student success and failure.   They remind us who we are and where we are going. Some children have support networks a hundred people deep, while others could lose one person and lose their entire network.

We work hard to connect our students to individuals and organizations who will support them and guide them in the journey of life.